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Getting your news out there

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Turn your mobile phone into your marketing friend and ally with the MSC VoxPop App - it's free to download.



The word VoxPop is derived from the Latin phrase vox populai meaning voice of the people and today it is the term used to describe the MSC Voxpop App by which recordings can be made in near studio quality to set in motion the distribution of news and content.  It can be used to promote product and services, talk about an issue, a communication platform and much more. 

This is a vehicle by which real unadulterated news and information from the corridors of industry can be placed in front of an interested audience.  It's free to download so why not give it a trial?

The App utilizes the very latest in speech recognition technology where the Artificial Intelligence (AI) programe recognises and translates spoken language into text.

You can reach us here at MSCNewsWire on +64 027 628 2033 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The web address is



Sample MSC VoxPops

Here is an example of a MSC VoxPop recorded by Ken Evans head consulting engineer for TEKAM talking about New Zealand made equipment that is being used effectivly to reduce the number of tyres      stockpiled through out the country.



 In this second VoxPop example Doug Green, editor of the NZManufacturer Magazine introduces the July18 edition which you can read here



In this third VoxPop example Doug Green, editor of NZManufacturer, talks about manufacturing in New Zealand today




  • Source: The MSCNewsWire Network