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How voice technology will reshape business

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Everybody expects voice tech and virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana to make a big splash in the enterprise. Here's what to expect reports Mike Elgan CIO New Zealand.

A huge gulf exists between what businesses know about voice-enabled technologies, and what they do about it.

To illustrate that fact, Globant surveyed more than 600 senior decision makers and found that while huge majority of respondents see big benefits to voice technology, only 31% use it daily at work.

It's no secret that voice technology is valuable. Just look at the consumer smart speaker market. More than 43 million Americans now own one. Many of the people who will eventually use voice technology at work are already using it every day at home.

Google says some 20% of all searches today are voice searches.

Within two years, 30% of all web browsing will be done without a screen, according to Gartner, along with half of all searches, according to ComScore.Humans and smart machines: A unified front to tackle growing cybersecurity complexityMore from IBM

And yet only a tiny fraction of this is being done at work for professional purposes.

Smart speakers - such as the Amazon Echo line and related devices, Google Home devices and the Apple Home Pod - are directly aimed at consumers. But all the major companies are working on developing platforms for businesses and enterprises. . . . .