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Good news boosts confidence and productivity

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You have a choice . . . You have a choice . . .

Bad news makes the headlines that sells the newspapers!  Thats the way it's always been but it is changing.  Why not good news boosts confidence and  productivity?  This is a call to those in industry to have another look at how they view their best and why shouldn't it create positive outcomes when placed in front of an interested audience in a news format? 

Today new technology and distribution networks mean that anyone can now generate news and headlines be it factual or not.    But its more of a challenge for the incumbent media giants who for years have had it their own way and yes they did the same - how many times have the Martians landed on the Yorkshire Moors or the Loch Ness Monster been sighted sunbathing?  The tabloids have the stories!

So everyone is aware that social media can sway public attitudes and they have the choice to be exposed to it or not. 

So what is news -

  -  For many its part of their daily diet

  -  For Trump it helps maintain his profile with false being his word of choice

  -  For the newspapers bad news make headlines that sell papers

  -  And oh so many "Opinion" pieces helping fudge fact from fiction

  -  An what about the statistics, they can be doctored to say anything but first of all the individual data that creates those stats has to come from somewhere & thats where the real news is

  -  For the TV stations its entertainment, the news gets smothered somehow

  -  The mandatory dose on the latest Middle East conflict  is more of a catchup than news, its a reality thats centuries old when media chiseled away on marble tablets

  -  News is about communities and whats happening, its about special interests hobbies and activities

Of course there has to be a mix of good and bad news because but thats the reality of life but there is no reason why the positve can't start to out way the negative and anyone can contribute to this.

The factory floors of industry, workplaces, home sheds, laptops on kitchen tables, rural pastures are all platforms where news is being generated- it's just being kept secret! 

So come on share yours through MSCNewsWire.  Its as easy as recording a few words below or on the MSC VoxPop App free to download to your smartphone.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call whatever is easier.

Just let us know whats happening at your place, productive outcomes can follow . . .


As you know words can come to mind anytime of the day or night and thats where the MSCVoxPop App is great - its a studio in your pocket!

What you tell us can be shared pretty much wherever you want it to go.  Audio clips to include in your blogs, on your websites, in your emails and other digital platforms.

We have  professional voice over/recording facilities available and most of all we will respect your privacy and tell it as you want it told.

Start a conversation with a recording through MSCNewsWire, you never know where it will lead you!