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Liam Fox outlines Brexit global trade deal - and sparks Leave fury because it copies the EU

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Brexit trade minister and North Somerset MP Liam Fox has admitted Britain will have to effectively have the same trade agreements with other countries around the world – even after leaving the European Union.

Dr Fox announced he has opened discussions with 164 other countries in the World Trade Organisation, but because Britain has just two years before it leaves the EU, he will have to 'replicate as far as possible' the current agreements and 'obligations' to the World Trade Organisation.

And that - given the Brexit campaign was won largely on the basis of the promise of bespoke trade deals between Britain and other major countries outside the EU, like Brazil, China and the US – has caused criticism from Brexit campaigners.

Whitehall officials said Dr Fox's announcement is the first and necessary part of the process of leaving the EU, but the International Trade Secretary is in a Catch-22 situation because although Britain needs trade agreements in place with other countries outside the EU, most of the 164 members of the World Trade Organisation are waiting to see the deal Britain strikes with the EU on the terms of Brexit.

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