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New Retrofit Pallet Guide From Dematic

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Dematic has launched a new product in its ColbyRACK range that increases safety for forklift operators removing pallets from high storage levels in warehouses and distribution centres.

The new Retrofit Pallet Guide was designed by Dematic’s structural engineering specialists after calls from its customers, including a major retailer and 3PL, for a tool that would minimise incidents where pallets and cartons fall from heights.

The product is primarily intended for retrofitting pallet guides to single deep selective racking. While the use of pallet guides is common in double deep racking, they have rarely been used in single deep racking. However, their potential safety benefits are starting to be recognised, because pallet guides provide a visual cue that encourages forklift operators to slow down and align pallets more accurately.

The new Colby Retrofit Pallet Guide can be installed onto existing selective racking beams, avoiding the expense and inconvenience of changing over to new, cleated beams. The pallet guides are also a simple option for storing European pallets on Australian racking, and can be relocated within a warehouse as storage needs change.

“Worker safety is becoming more important for Australian businesses, particularly those that operate busy facilities with pickers and forklifts in close proximity,” said Dr Paul Berry, senior structural engineer at Dematic.

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