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Taking loyalty for granted

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Jan 16, 2018  -  Its Monday evening just on 7:00PM with dinner and dishes done and dusted so its now time for a bloke to relax in front of TV.  On goes TVOne, first choice really, being a bit loyal and now its a habit.   However change is in the wind!

It would be fair to say, don't you think , that 7:00PM is prime time  viewing, especially mid week when a lot of us blokes have to get up early for work  the next morning. 

So one settles in and low and behold whats dished up but a cake decorating show! Yes a cake decorating show. And worse its not just for one night but every night  Monday through Thursday! 

Fair enough cake decorating is interesting for some but for everyone and 4 nights a week in prime time! Not sure how many weeks its on for, but at the moment its two that I know of.

Come on you TVOne programers you might be saving a few bucks in programming costs.  Is it worth breaking the habits of previously loyal viewers as I referred to in the opening sentence?

Fortunately we now have a number of different channels to chose from.  So my TVOne  habit is broken (TVWho?) loyalty disappeared but I notice that Mum has a cake in the oven.  Wonder what I'll come home to tomorrow?  :)


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