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New metal 3D Printing technique unveiled

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Markforged announces a breakthrough technology in metal manufacturing - Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM), along with the introduction of the Metal X - the first ADAM 3D printer.

Extending the success of its revolutionary carbon fiber printing technology, Markforged now provides a rapid technique to produce metal parts for manufacturers in demanding industrial, automotive, medical and aerospace industries.

"Until today, the story of metal 3D printing has been million-dollar machines that fill a room," says CEO Greg Mark. "With the introduction of the Metal X, metal production is easier and more available than ever. Manufacturers and machine shops looking to augment CNC machining or find alternatives now have an answer. This revolution is not just about making metal parts - it's also about making plastic parts from a 3D printed metal mold created in days, instead of months," Mark continues. "Our mission is to help companies make better products, and get them to market faster." Not only does the Metal X printer make robust metal parts easy and inexpensive to produce, but it's now possible to create shapes and geometries that cannot be machined or produced with today's metal printers, opening up new possibilities for lighter parts with advanced built-in functionality.

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