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Tiaki Promise makes the call for greater guardianship of New Zealand

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Local Government New Zealand is one of seven key New Zealand organisations that have joined forces today to launch the Tiaki Promise, an initiative to encourage travellers, both domestic and international, to respect New Zealand’s environment and travel safely.

“Tourism has brought a significant economic boost to our regions, but it also brings challenges through an increased footprint on our environment, infrastructure and local communities,” says LGNZ President Dave Cull.Acting as New Zealand’s national host, local government know this all too well, with the combined investment of LGNZ’s 78 member councils on infrastructure making local government the largest contributor to the tourism industry in New Zealand.“We see the Tiaki Promise as being a way to better educate travellers on how to minimise any impact on our precious environment, treat our communities with respect and best utilise the infrastructure that we provide.”Speaking at the launch today of behalf of local government, Mayor of Rotorua Lakes District Hon Steve Chadwick said that the Tiaki Promise is an exciting initiative that will help to ensure that tourism continues to fit well in Aotearoa.“The Tiaki Promise promotes many of the values that councils and communities hold dear, and that we see as common sense – acting as guardians of our resources and environment, leaving only footprints, camping in the right areas, driving carefully, and being a role model for positive behaviour.”“When travellers and the public take on the Tiaki Promise, they’re recognising just how special this country is and are enabling future travellers to enjoy Aotearoa by building better, more respectful relationships with everyone around them," said Hon Steve Chadwick.Over the coming months, the Tiaki Promise will be promoted throughout the country, by local government and the both domestic and international tourists, providing guidance on how to engage with the environment and our infrastructure.“We want to share this beautiful country with the world, and the Tiaki Promise provides a dialogue so that we can continue that,” said Chadwick.

  • Source: A LGNZ release