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Freight Container Movements Now Possible in Remote Locations thanks to New Jacks

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Container tech company BISON this week launched the C-Lift P32, a new portable container lift system that equips shipping, logistics, and military operators to lift containers in any location. Recognising that conventional container handling equipment is typically big, heavy and expensive, BISON has developed a compact, portable and more economic alternative aimed at extending the benefits of intermodal logistics to new frontiers. The P32 is easily transported between sites, sets up in minutes and allows containers of all sizes and weights up to 32 tonne (70,000 lb) to be lifted on and off trailers safely and efficiently. Greg Fahey, BISON’s CEO, said:

“A big challenge if you want to lift containers outside of a freight hub is finding suitable equipment to do the job. So often, the size or weight of the container, space restrictions on site, or simply a lack of suitable equipment in the area, mean that cargo movements are compromised or costs are unreasonably high.”

BISON developed the P32 to solve this problem and sees the P32 as opening up a range of new possibilities for container freight and logistics. Users will be able to lift and ground containers more economically in factories or warehouses. This can allow container stuffing or unloading in better locations and ease the pressure of live loading and chassis detention costs.

Customers in remote locations, such as military, aid and project logistics operators can use the P32 to get containers in and out of remote locations more easily, avoiding reliance on local infrastructure. BISON is also fielding interest from construction and removals firms, wanting a mobile solution for delivering and collecting full containers at construction and urban sites.

A key part of the P32 design is BISON’s patent pending lift and lock mechanism, which reduces the size of the hydraulic system considerably, but still enables heavy containers to be elevated 1.65 metres off the ground. This in turn reduces the size, weight and cost of the system. Fahey continued: “The novelty of the P32 is its unique combination of portability, lift capacity and price. In these respects, it’s a world first for container handling equipment.”

The new product is the latest from BISON who’s container sales are now in use in over 25 countries. Notable customers include NASA, the US Airforce, Virgin Galactic and Emirates Team New Zealand.

BISON will be showcasing its newly developed C-Lift P32 at the IANA Intermodal EXPO in California and ntermodal Europe in Amsterdam this year.

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