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Benefits of Max Frank Pecafil Steel Formwork d

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15 Nov 2017  -  Max Frank Pecafil Steel Formwork Is More Efficient Than Traditional Formwork

The rate of construction work being done to modernise New Zealand is increasing. In the year ended September 2017, non-residential building consents across the country totalled $6.4 billion – up 5.9 percent from the September 2016 year. The need for better formwork technologies has risen to make construction work faster, more cost-effective and less labour-intensive.

Pecafil is one form of modernisation in the construction industry answering this need for modernisation. It is a formwork solution especially useful for laying foundations formwork, replacing conventional timber or steel shuttering for in-ground construction of pile caps and ground beams.

Designed by Max Frank in Germany and distributed by Fletcher Reinforcing, Pecafil is a specially manufactured material constructed from a steel mesh encased in an outer layer made of reusable, strong, heat-shrunk polyethylene. It is lightweight and self-supporting, supplied by Fletcher Reinforcing as a full sheet or pre-bent off-site according to design requirements. This significantly reduces construction time on-site, promising a quicker transition from breaking ground to pouring concrete.

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