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The award-winning Tauranga-based Oasis Engineering is leading the way for quality Compressed Natural Gas products around the world.

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Mar 13, 2018  - Specialising in Compressed Natural Gas products servicing a range of industries, Oasis Engineering is a Tauranga-based company with a global vision.  A company renowned for its innovation, product development and customisation Oasis Engineering has been a staple in the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry since the 1980s. But it was when Andy Cameron brought the company in 2003, that the company really took off.

“This is when we took on a new direction with product development and became invested in the CNG market globally,” says Ricky Lee, Vice President of Business Development USA and Canada.

Now exporting to more than 40 countries around the world, Oasis Engineering are the leading solution provider for CNG applications, “Our products are known globally for their superior quality and durability,” adds Ricky.

Oasis Engineering’s location is situated only 15 minutes from New Zealand’s biggest port and two hours south of New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland, which means they can keep our promise on delivery times. In fact, Oasis Engineering has an outstanding track record for on time deliveries which is better than 97%.

A highlight for Oasis Engineering is their high flow products. “Our products have the highest flow rates in the CNG industry,” comments Andy Cameron, Managing Director.

Oasis Engineering has a professional team of skilled engineers who have a wealth of unapparelled experience in working with different materials which include stainless steel, brass, aluminium and engineering plastics.

Not only can Oasis Engineering supply standard products of their own design, they can also make-to-order customised engineering parts. “We pride ourselves on being able to provide a solution when nobody else can,” advises Andy.

Having built a reputation for quality and reliability, Oasis has made parts for every major CNG company supplying projects in every significant CNG market. “Our high cycling products are serviceable in the field and outlast any other CNG valve available on the market,” adds Ricky.

For quality assurance, Oasis is ISO9001:2015 accredited and all their products are verified independently to CRN, CE, ISO15500, Pi, PED and TPED assurance programmes.

Oasis Engineering are no strangers to innovation, with product research and development keeping them head and shoulders above others in the world of engineering. “We are a market leader for innovation within the CNG industry worldwide,” says Ricky.

Oasis Engineering have some significant awards under their belt including the Sustainable Business Productivity Award, ExportNZ Emerging Exporter of the Year Award, the ExportNZ Exporter of the Year Award and the Sustainable Business Health & Safety Award.

“At Oasis we have seen the benefits of encouraging close relationships with our customers and business partners to the point where we support Engineer to Engineer discussions to aid in complex scenarios and issues companies may face around their valving solutions,” advises Ricky.

It doesn’t matter whether your project requires run of 10 components or a run of thousands, Oasis Engineering are your reliable choice for getting it done to your specifications and right on time.

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