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Drones are "potentially as disruptive as the internet" according to Dezeen's new documentary Elevation

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Dezeen today releases a short documentary, called Elevation,  setting out how drones could revolutionise the way people travel, transform how buildings are designed and built, and radically alter the form cities take.

Elevation also discusses the impact of drones on the construction industry, how flying machines will construct buildings - presenting recent experiments where drones are used to lay bricks to create structures or weave cables to manufacture a bridge.

"I believe there will be a huge impact on the built environment once we actually start using these machines in construction," says Ammar Mirjan, a researcher at Gramazio Kohler Research at ETH Zurich who worked on a project exploring aerial construction.

The 18-minute movie explores the impact autonomous flying vehicles will have on our lives, and discusses both the positive and negative implications of a future when drones are as "ubiquitous as pigeons".