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Vaccine for Mycoplasma Bovis is Registered with United States Department of Agriculture

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Veterinary developer concedes complexity of task

Texas Vet Lab has developed a registered vaccine for Mycoplasma bovis.

TVL initially obtained a conditional license for a Mycoplasma bovis vaccine from the United States Department of Agriculture that was commercially available where state veterinarians would approve it to be sold.

Then in 2002, TVL completed the USDA licensing requirements for a fully-licensed commercial Mycoplasma bovis Bacterin (Myco-Bac B) which became the first licensed Mycoplasma bovis vaccine for cattle in the U.S.

Texas Vet Lab, Inc. first isolated and identified Mycoplasma bovis from the lungs of a calf sent to the diagnostic lab from a beef production operation in Mississippi in 1999.

It now distributes this product via agents throughout the United States.

It is not known whether the TVL antidote has been tested in New Zealand.

TVL concedes that treatment of infected cattle can be “quite frustrating.” in that the organism is "quite efficient" at developing resistance to the treating antibiotic if not fully cleared from the infected animal.

Texas Vet Lab, also abbreviated to TVL is not to be confused with Tasman Vaccine Laboratories.