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Pike River Recovery Agency starts risk assessments

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On 19 July 2018 the Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-Entry, Andrew Little, signed off the Agency’s baseline Concept Plan as the basis for further detailed planning and preparatory work on required equipment and infrastructure.

Work is underway on a range of options now for ventilation and access as part of the ongoing planning and preparation for the next (detailed operational) plan to go to the Minister.Three manned re-entry options for reclaiming the Pike River Mine drift are subject to a formal risk assessment process, which will be conducted in four phases. The risk assessment process marks the transition from theoretical activity to physical reality for re-entry operations into the mine drift.The four phases of risk assessment are as follows:   · Preliminary Phase: Will be conducted by PRRA staff on 8 - 9 August 2018 to confirm the step-by-step methodology for re-entry

   · Phase One is an intensive 12 day session between 10-21 September, during which the risk assessment of the three approved options will be conducted

   · Phase Two will be conducted 1 - 2 October 2018 and tasks a separate group to conduct a deliberate review of the output from Phase One.

   · Phase Three is the final review of the risk assessment. Conducted on 16 October, the aim of this review is to confirm the hierarchy of recommendations to the Minister for presentation prior to 31 October.


  • Source: A Pike River Recovery Agency release