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Sharp and CADPRO Systems bring Virtual Reality to Industry

Thursday, 20 October 2016 11:42
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Auckland, 17th October 2016 - Last week New Zealand’s leading Autodesk reseller of BIM and Manufacturing software, CADPRO Systems hosted an event for the construction industry with Sharp Corporation, to present the next generation of technology revolutionising the sector.

BIM technology helps to minimise errors and omissions during building design, find and reduce costly design conflicts before construction begins and improve project consistency with all parties involved.

Held at Sharp’s state-of-the-art showroom, in Auckland, the event was specifically designed to best present BIM technology in action through the use of Sharp’s latest 80” Interactive Touch panel.

Sharp’s Touch panel enables BIM software users to make changes on screen, overlaying notes, diagrams and points of interest which can be effortlessly saved, emailed and printed.

“Design Review and Site meetings are an essential part of the construction industry work process, so having tools such as the Interactive Touch panel that encourage interactive and dynamic meetings is really important,” says Hans Grootegoed, Managing Director, CADPRO Systems.

“Industry leaders surveyed believe that products and services they sell today will not be relevant in three years. To meet this challenge, innovation is the key,” states Jan Nicol-Winitana, Managing Director, Sharp Corporation of New Zealand

“To drive innovation, collaboration and sharing of ideas and information seamlessly is the answer. Sharp and CADPRO’s leading-edge interactive technology provides the perfect collaboration tools for business across construction, architecture and manufacturing,” adds Nicol-Winitana.

By being able to present the new BIM technology via the Interactive Touch panel guest were able to see the numerous benefits of the technology, including virtual reality, and how it could be applied to their business, this included:

• Building industry – the VR technology dovetails with BIM workflow and serves an integral part of virtual design review and construction planning.

• Architects - a highly effective means of visualising, marketing and selling an architectural project - opening up a new world of possibilities for design review, functional testing, client approval and training.

• Manufacturers - enabling full scale design reviews to allow ergonomics testing for maintenance of equipment, as well as collaboration between geographically distributed teams.

• Sales teams - can also utilize the technology to engage with designs and when planning factory layouts, the technology can be used to quickly test workability of various iterations of equipment placement.

Sharp also showcased the use of video conferencing (VC) with the Interactive Touch panel. Demonstrating how its VC solution provides unsurpassed quality and reliable communications with staff and customers anywhere on any device, leading to better meeting outcomes.