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Futuristic camper expands to reveal huge party deck

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In the camper world, there are only so many types of vans, trailers, and RVs. Need a ton of space? Class A is your best bet. Don’t want to haul anything and like stealth camping? Check out an adventure van.

It’s rare to see anything that challenges these categorizations, because for the most part, designing a brand new type of camper requires thinking way, way outside the box.

Sometimes, however, that’s exactly what happens. Way back in 2012 New Zealand architectural and interior design firm W2 designed a camping caravan called the Romotow that—at first glance—looks a bit like a normal trailer. Push a button, however, and the center of the camper folds out, spinning around to reveal a deck area. It was the stuff of camper sci fi dreams, a concept that could reinvent camper design if only it could actually be built.

And now it has. Well, almost. The world’s first Romotow is currently under construction in Christchurch, New Zealand. A team of experienced boat builders are tackling the project—you can follow their progress here—and the Romotow should be complete in just a few months.

As one of the few innovative concept campers that’s come to fruition and because Romotow is currently taking orders for a limited number of custom builds, we decided to take a closer look. The Romotow measures about 30 feet long by 8.5 feet wide when closed, and it boasts an impressive 290 square feet of living space. The sleek white exterior . . . . >