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Hawke’s Bay Growth Study to interview 600 local businesses

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Survey underway to identify future skills required to support growth in key industry sectors

The call is going out to hundreds of Hawke’s Bay businesses to be part of a major local research project to understand the skills required to support business growth and the potential constraints to growth, across a range of key industry sectors.

The Hawke’s Bay Growth Study, a joint initiative between EIT and Business Hawke’s Bay with support from MBIE, has been underway since 2016, with phase three – in-depth interviews – starting now.

Business Hawke’s Bay CEO Carolyn Neville, says the potential value of this study to business is immense.

“It’s important to understand the skills that Hawke’s Bay businesses will require in the future and to plan now for future needs.

“This phase of the study kicks off with three key sectors: primary industries, transport and logistics, and the digital industries sectors. These sectors have been selected as the initial sectors for data collection as they represent a broad cross-section of both large industries and rapidly growing industries in Hawke’s Bay. We will progressively expand the businesses covered by the study to encompass most of the key business sectors in Hawke’s Bay.

“We really need the input of owners, executives and managers of businesses to help us identify future skill needs and potential constraints to growth to ensure we can meet the requirements of industry in Hawke’s Bay.

“This study relies on the support of the business community. We’re enormously grateful for the support we have received so far, and for what’s to come in this next phase.

“Our team will be calling and setting up appointments for the survey, and we’re asking businesses for a time investment of between 30 and 45 minutes. If you’re asked, please take the time to participate.

“We want to make sure that the business community is aware of the study and how it can benefit our region, and we hope that businesses will see there’s a win: win in participating,” says Mrs Neville.

EIT Associate Professor Jonathan Sibley says the survey will be a key input to ensuring appropriate skills are available help Hawke’s Bay businesses,

“This unique study and its findings will also help EIT to further develop courses and programmes, to ensure employers’ needs for staff can be met locally.

“We are keen to understand the key trends affecting future employment, the skill requirements of Hawke’s Bay businesses and factors that might constrain growth.

“The information gathered will be invaluable, and the findings will be shared with the community via a series of seminars. We’ll also provide all respondents with a summary of the findings,” says Associate Professor Sibley.

The Hawke’s Bay Growth Study has been developed by EIT. Phase three begins now and will examine a range of industry sectors, with findings released to the business community and media on staggered basis, once each tranche of research is complete.

The survey has been developed and tested by EIT. Interviews will be booked by telephone and conducted by trained interviewers either in person or over the phone.


  • Source: A BusinessHawkes Bay release