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An Evangelist with a New Vision for Autodesk

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Carl Bass left Autodesk with big shoes to fill. Autodesk has decided to fill each shoe with one person. Until the company names a new CEO, Andrew Anagnost will share CEO duties with Amar Hanspal, who is responsible for all product development. We had not heard of an engineering and design software company splitting and sharing CEO duties, so we rang up Autodesk to see how this would work. Answering his phone was Andrew in his San Francisco Market Street office.

A series of Q & A's with

Congratulations, Andrew!

It had only been last November at Autodesk University that we congratulated Andrew for his promotion to head of Autodesk marketing. While it was a big step up on the career ladder, Andrew, with his education and background (a PhD in aeronautical engineering and computer science from Stanford, for example), is not the same as other marketers. But Andrew, new in his role as co-CEO, claims he is not far from his roots.

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