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Green Party continues to oppose CPTPP, puts amendments

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The Green Party continue to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) Amendment Bill, which would allow for the ratification of the CPTPP.

“We’ve always opposed deals which prioritise money over the environment and working peoples’ rights and continue to do so with this Bill”, Green spokesperson on Trade Golriz Ghahraman said today.“We’re proposing amendments to the Bill that would prevent countries like America joining the CPTPP unless they agree not to use ISDS on New Zealand – something hundreds of submitters told us they were concerned with.“The presence of ISDS has a chilling effect on our national sovereignty – it means big international corporations can challenge our government if we make policy changes that affect their profits. Stopping any other states being allowed to use ISDS on New Zealand is a small thing we should do to make the best of a bad situation.“We want to put an end to the secret backroom negotiations that currently dictate how trade agreements are formed. Under one of our amendments, the Minister would have to let Select Committee examine the terms of any new membership requests by other countries before NZ agrees to them.“This would mean New Zealanders would be able to see the agreement and have their voices heard before it is signed.“Many New Zealanders remain really worried about the CPTPP and think the new Government should be overturning it. We will continue to advocate for this”.

  • Source: A Green Party release