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“Don’t waste this opportunity”

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23 Oct: 1202  |  New Zealand’s biggest meat processor, Silver Fern Farms has kept its side of the bargain by increasing the number of Samoan RSE workers.

By the first week of November, 100 new Samoa RSE workers should be employed in the four Silver Fern Meat Processing operations in New Zealand including 40 in their new Pacific Plant. Already 135 Samoan RSE workers are on the Sliver Fern’s payroll.

And the company has committed to hire total contingent of 250 Samoans to work for 10 months with them and it’s just rewards for government and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour, (MCIL) the implementing agency for the Seasonal Workers incentives for New Zealand and Australia.

At a pre-departure meeting yesterday, the 100 new intakes were not spared by M.C.I.L’s Chief Executive Pulotu Lyndon Chu Ling and Samoa’s New Zealand based R.S.E. Liaison Officer Lemalu Nele Leilua

“You carry the hopes of your wives, children, parents, family, your people and your government,” urged Pulotu. “Do not waste this once in a lifetime opportunity by falling into temptation.

“Stay away from alcohol because it has been proven time and again as the cause of misery and termination of your contracts.

“Your performance also carry the hopes of your government for more opportunities from Silver Ferns.

“Ruin it and you, your family and your village will face the consequences.”  Read More . . . >