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Future of Work Forum Confirms Funding for Skills Shift in Manufacturing Initiative

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On Monday, at the Future of Work Tripartite Forum’s second meeting, the group confirmed funding towards the initial component of the Skills Shift in Manufacturing Initiative led by The Manufacturers’ Network.

“We would like to thank the Future of Work Forum and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for supporting and funding our project on addressing the Skills Shift in manufacturing.

This initiative will help provide critical insight into how skill needs in manufacturing are likely to change in the near future, particularly with changes in the use of technology, such as automation, digital technologies and artificial intelligence. This work will help provide a blueprint for how manufacturers, government and the tertiary sector can work together to help arm our businesses and people with the skills needed to continue growing and adapt to rapidly changing technology.” Said Dr Dieter Adam, Chief Executive of The Manufacturers’ Network

“The lessons learnt in this research and pilot programme will be critical not only for the manufacturing sector of New Zealand, but can help by acting as an example for how other sectors in our economy can successfully manage their own changing skill needs into the future.

“This work on the manufacturing sector alongside other initiatives by the Future of Work Forum will play a vital role in helping to create a basis on which growth opportunities can be made by leveraging change to improve productivity, as well as outcomes for businesses, their employees and the wider economy.” Says Dr Adam.

  • Source: The Manufacturers' Network release