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Nissei gearing up to open injection molding machine assembly plant in Texas

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A Japanese company building a manufacturing plant in the United States would seem in some small way to counter the nationalist narrative that has so many questioning our globalized economy. In 2016, Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd. (Sakaki) launched a fully-owned subsidiary, Nissei Plastic Machinery America Inc., in San Antonio, TX, to manufacture injection molding machines as part of Nissei’s global production network. The plant, Nissei’s first production facility in the United States and its third outside Japan, is set to open in May.

The new assembly plant, located at Brooks City Base in San Antonio, will open on May 14, 2018, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 2 PM followed by a plant tour for attendees. The 114,234-square-foot facility represents a $20 million investment for the company.

The facility initially will be used for the machining and assembly of medium to large-scale hybrid injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 500 to 1,440 tons. The main components will be supplied by Nissei plants in Japan, China and Thailand, with local procurement from American suppliers increasing over time.

The new plant will include a technical center equipped with demonstration machines for molds and materials, enabling customers to perform tests prior to purchase.

The plant will supply the domestic market with machines manufactured locally to the highest quality and reliability standards branded as “Made in USA” and “Made by Nissei.” Other important benefits include lower transportation costs; faster delivery and improved response times when modifications are required; and shorter lead times.

With the manufacturing sector in the United States increasingly reverting to local production, we can expect to see growing demand for medium to large-scale production equipment in key categories such as automobiles, household appliances, packaging and consumer goods, Nissei explained. The San Antonio plant will supply markets throughout the Americas and in the future may supply European markets, as well.

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