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The Polish company that is revolutionising solar panel production

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Saule Technologies has created a new kind of printable solar cell that offers almost infinite possibilities for its installation.

Working with experts from across the globe, Olga Malinkiewicz and the Saule Technologies team have improved on existing technologies to create a panel that is not only lightweight, flexible and cheap to produce, but also incredibly efficient.

By using perovskite, the solar cell is not only more effective in sunlight, but can also produce energy from artificial light, helping to ‘recycle’ indoor lighting.

The versatility of this printable design opens the door to a huge number of innovative uses. “We can put disc panels on the buildings, we can make it partially transparent, we can put it in the windows, put it on the back of our phones. Unlimited applications”, says Malinkiewicz. “There is no better time than now” to develop alternative sources of energy considering the growing challenges we face with climate change.


| A EuroNews release |  ||  April 05, 2018   |||