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A Studio In Your Pocket

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Introducing the  MSC VoxPop App

  -  A studio-quality recording platform on your smartphone

The MSC VoxPop App is unique in that it  allows the holder to record their voice in studio-quality and submit comments, information, news  or questions (what we call voxpops)  with the press of a few buttons.

The voice first AI technology behind the MSC VoxPop App provides holders with a personalized  marketing resource which enables people to speak in their natural voice and for the software to figure out what they are saying and transcribe this  into text resulting in both audio and text files being available for use on digital platforms. 

The MSC VoxPop App becomes a studio in your pocket and it is free to download!




Now days media is no longer an ad in a printed publication, it is a conversation, driven by the  introduction of digital media publishing platforms such as social media which encouraged us to develop the speech recognition technology that drives the MSC VoxPop App.

Once the app is downloaded you are free to record as many voxpops as you wish ensuring to clearly introduce yourself and where you are from at the beginning of each voxpop. Having published a voxpop you then have a choice as to how you would like the voxpop used:

  • published through the MSCNewsWire network at the editors discretion
  • An audio and/or text file for each voxpop returned to you for you to use wherever you wish.
  • Guaranteed publication on MSCNewsWire and filtered into our distribution network.
  • As the basis of a Podcast or Podcast series

The MSC VoxPop App has many uses it is ideal for real time publishing on what is happening at events or exhibitions and trade shows, to capture those inspirational thoughts that come to mind when pen & paper are not around, to collect customer information, to start a news release or form the basis of a podcast or podcast series.

Branded Podcasts are emerging as an effective tool for businesses to bond with their customers.  Individual customer voxpops reflecting on their experiences with your business can be accumulated to produce a  podcast.  

We can offer you professional production and voice over facilities to produce your own podcast  and can also offer a fully customisable white label app which can be incorporated into your your customer relations and marketing strategies.

By all means have a chat with us about how you would like to see your business generate and maintain a profile.  Frequency of  publication is key and the MSC VoxPop App facilitates and is an effective springboard to having your business profiled through the various digital platforms.


For more information you can record a message with your contact details and we'll get straight back to you or reach us here at MSCNewsWire on +64 027 628 2033 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The web address is

Four Sample Profiles:








  • Source: The MSCNewsWire Network