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NZ travel sellers can now become specialists

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New Zealand based travel sellers can now promote their specialist country knowledge in the same way as their international counterparts, thanks to changes Tourism New Zealand has made to its trade training programme.

The 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme improves travel sellers' knowledge of New Zealand through a series of training opportunities.

As a result, specialists have the knowledge needed to build 'must do' holiday itineraries.

To become a 100 % Pure New Zealand Specialist (New Zealand Based) travel sellers only need to complete 10 of the programme's online learning modules.

'Becoming a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist gives travel sellers credibility with clients,' says René de Monchy, Director of Trade, PR and Major Events at Tourism New Zealand.

'Specialists are able to use and display the programme's logo which is recognised by overseas visitors due to Tourism New Zealand's offshore marketing activity.'

The introduction of the New Zealand based status is just one of the programme's new improvements that aim to increase the number of specialists globally.

The other main improvement is the introduction of a Gold, Silver and Bronze tier structure for international travel sellers, with different criteria, incentives and benefits for each tier. The tier structure is not applicable to New Zealand based travel sellers.

'We've made these changes based on feedback from current specialists and I am excited to extend the programme to New Zealand travel sellers,' says René.

More information about the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme can be found on

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