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Employment Bill an attack on the rights of non-union workers

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The Employment Relations Amendment Bill is an attack on the rights of non-union workers, BusinessNZ says.

Speaking to the select committee considering the Bill, Chief Executive Kirk Hope said it would give undue powers to unions with far-reaching consequences.

"It would force employers and employees into collective agreements against their will. This is a breach of international conventions that say bargaining should always be voluntary.

"It would force collective coverage on people who weren’t union members. For example, all it would take is two people in a retail store to join a union and this would let unions claim collective coverage of the whole retail chain.

"This Bill would let union officials into any workplace without permission to recruit members.

"It would breach employees’ privacy by requiring employers to pass on their details to the unions.

"It would reduce the chance of getting a job using job trials."

Mr Hope said overall the Bill would take away a lot of flexibility from workplaces, increase costs and make it harder to employ people.

"The modern workplace relies on flexibility and collaboration and trust for its success. Unfortunately this Bill would reduce flexibility, collaboration and trust.

"This Bill should not proceed in its present form."


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