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Green Party welcome shift on Three Strikes law from National

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Green MP Golriz Ghahraman is urging the National Party to reconsider support for repealing the Three Strikes law following a concession by National leader Simon Bridges that there should be proper reintegration for serious offenders.

The New Zealand Herald recently revealed that those with Second or Third Strike offences could not partake in reintegration programs that would prepare them to be contributing members of society. “When the National Party ushered in the problematic Three Strikes law the Green Party joined justice experts, senior judges and members of the court appeal in saying that it would create unfairness and only reduce chances of rehabilitation, not crime rates. “Now we are learning that those on Second and Third strikes are blocked from programmes that ensure they are rehabilitated and able to re-enter society safely. This is a sad legacy leftover from the previous Government's US style approach of mass incarceration, now proved both ineffective in reducing crime and far too costly. “I welcome Simon Bridges opening the door to looking at evidence based approaches that allow judges discretion to analyse each case on its merits and favour rehabilitation for offenders. All the evidence shows that our priority should be ensuring that those caught in the justice system are supported with rehabilitation so they can meaningfully contribute to our society. “We don’t want to continue on the US style of lock them up and throw away the key. It hasn’t worked in America and here in New Zealand it is clear that communities want an evidence-based approach that makes our country safer whilst ensuring that offenders have the opportunity to rehabilitate and reintegrate”.

  • Source: A Green Party release