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Sika introduces adhesive for assembly applications

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Sika Corporation, a supplier of sealing, bonding, lamination, acoustic and reinforcement solutions, recently launched Sikaflex-953, an adhesive for transportation and industrial assembly applications.

Sikaflex-953 is a two-component, highly flexible, Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) adhesive designed for bonding applications where fast fixation and handling strength are required. The product also can be used for sealing applications on exposed joints, as it provides weathering resistance and gap-filling capability.

The new product features a broad adhesion profile and is able to adhere to most common substrates with minimal surface pre-treatment, the company said. Sikaflex-953 is well-suited for manufacturing, on-site installation and in-field repair applications in a wide range of markets, including transportation, wind energy, HVAC and general assembly.

“We are excited to introduce Sikaflex-953 as the latest addition to the Sikaflex portfolio of high-performance, elastomeric adhesives and sealants,” said Mark Daniels, vice president of Sika Industry’s transportation appliance and components division.

“Sikaflex-953 is an extremely versatile product that offers a unique solution to our customers across many key market segments.”

Sikaflex-953 is available in two versions offering different open times for process flexibility:

Sikaflex-953 L15 – 15-minute open time Sikaflex-953 L30 – 30-minute open time

Both Sikaflex-953 L15 and Sikaflex-953 L30 are solvent and isocyanate free and are available in 10:1, 490-milliliter dual cartridges.


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