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Nelson city importing a wastewater treatment upgrade system from Norfolk UK

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King’s Lynn firm’s export order could open doors to more deals with New Zealand Gurney Environment North Lynn Industrial Estate, Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Gurney Environmental, on North Lynn Industrial Estate – within Nelson’s county – is exporting a wastewater treatment upgrade system to the City of Nelson in New Zealand.

Gurney’s Accel-o-Fac equipment begins its 50-day trip by sea this week to a wastewater treatment plant owned and operated by the city of Nelson council. The first phase of the order includes a supply of nine wind-powered aerators to replace existing electric aerators, which are costly to run.

One of Gurney’s engineers plus the company’s managing director, John Gillett, will be travelling to New Zealand towards the end of March to supervise the installation of the system. 

Said Mr Gillett: “Whilst we are no newcomers to exporting this is the first time we have exported to New Zealand and the order follows months of consultation work with the City Council.

“I am told that a number of other water utilities in New Zealand are keeping a close eye on the project and the opportunity for further export work in New Zealand is very real.

“We are a proud exporter of sustainable water treatment solutions and have successfully exported to a number of countries around the globe including South America, Australia and the Caribbean. Our wastewater treatment systems are designed and manufactured here at our King’s Lynn base and utilise the wealth of manufacturing expertise available in the town.”

His colleague, Mr Graham Woodcock, added: “Our equipment is made by a variety of companies in Lynn, which has a rich heritage of engineering and manufacturing.

” Gurney Environmental was established in 2007 and provides water and wastewater treatment solutions to water utility companies, municipal and private wastewater treatment operators.

The company can name most of the UK’s water utilities as clients and its water and wastewater treatment solutions are recognised by a growing number of international clients. In West Norfolk it has carried out wastewater projects at the Sandringham and Holkham estates.

 |  A Lynn News release  ||  February 2, 2017  ||