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How to Pick the Right ICO Investments: The Essential Guide

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Initial Coin Offering earned the reputation as a legitimate way of fundraising. In this guide, I will explain the essentials on how to pick the right ICO investments. Read on to find the guidelines.

Initial coin offerings have become the norm when companies want to raise money to fund their projects. For investors, it’s an opportunity to get tokens that can then be sold later on at a profit. With hundreds of ICOs coming up every other year, it is critical that an investor knows what to do once they decide to invest.

How to Read a Whitepaper?

If you are intending to invest in an ICO then you know one of the first things to do is read the project’s whitepaper. Knowing that there is a whitepaper isn’t enough for an investor; knowing what to look for or how to read it is what matters. This article will guide you on how to do it.

So, what’s a whitepaper?

A whitepaper is a document prepared by a company or project team whose content explain to the readers how the company intends to handle a given project that appears complex. The main reason is to assist readers to understand the project, get the solutions or make decisions.

Take note of the words “to understand the project” and “make decisions”- this is the core business of reading the whitepaper.

The ICO whitepaper will give you all the information concerning:

  • The project and why it is necessary
  • Issues or problems the project seeks to address
  • Current solutions and how the ICO seeks to improve them.
  • Project description and roadmap
  • Technical details of the project.
  • The project team and their expertise
  • The ICO funding (token sale)

Now, how do you read the whitepaper so as to get the best out of it for the purpose of making investment decisions?

Examine the introduction – it will tell you about the project and why it is necessary. Read this carefully to get the context of the ICO ideas. The introduction will put forward the problem and its background in general. Do not skip this part, as it is here that the project’s appeal is established and credibility defined.


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