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Got a travel question

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Do you have a travel related question that you would like an answer to? You can send us a recording using The MSC VoxPop App.

Free to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store you record your message to the "Lets Talk Travel" topic. Please make sure Just make sure the message is 90 seconds or less and don’t forget to say your first name and where you are from.  Your questions will be put to travel industry experts with their answers and the  questions published in our soon to be released travel podcast series.

As well as recording a travel  question you are welcome to talk about a travel experience you would like share  which could also be included in a podcast.


The MSC VoxPop is a studio in your pocket, easy to use, free to download and ideal to have on your mobile deice while you are travelling.  Added security should you require assistance


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