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RNZ exposure of coalition “Horse-barrel” politics sets new low

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Jo Moir’s uncovering of the deal between Labour and NZ First securing taxpayer money for multiple synthetic tracks for the racing industry is yet another example of the growth of “Winston’ Dowry”, paid for by taxpayers reports Jordan Williams from The Taxpayers Union.

“This sets a new low for coalition back room deals, clearly designed to benefit an industry with known links to NZ First, with the tab picked up by hard working taxpayers – most of whom don’t own race horses,” says Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers’ Union.“I think we could call it the worst of ‘horse-barrel politics’. The barrel is so large even race tracks fit into it.”“And why are we finding this out only now? Why isn’t Winston’s Dowry open to the public? Was this part of the coalition agreement’s missing five pages? It’s almost as if the Government doesn’t want the public to be able to judge how much it cost to get Mr Peters’ support.”