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Australasian manufacturing is going to be great again

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Mar 21, 2018   -  Industry 4.0 will do more for a resurgence in Western manufacturing than any D.J.T. slogan…

Western manufacturing is enjoying a technology-led resurgence that may just swing the economic pendulum away from countries with low cost labour.

That’s the assertion from Sydney-based Frank McLoughlin, vice president of the international business solutions group at Epicor Software.

In the face of the massive growth in manufacturing out of China and South East Asia over the past 20 years, it’s a bold claim.

Why is McLoughlin convinced? The Fourth Industrial Revolution – or Industry 4.0 – and the productivity gains it delivers.

McLoughlin sees inside the doors of a huge range of manufacturing operations across the world. iStart caught up with him to get his perspective on local progress on Industry 4.0 – a term that might, given recent media attention, be misconstrued as #automationwillendtheworld.

We asked what manufacturers are grappling with when it comes to transforming their operations around the digital and data-based initiatives that Industry 4.0 represents.

“The market is confused about just what 4.0 means, ” says McLoughlin. “They don’t understand exactly what it is, whether they should be jumping into it and what the benefits might be”. But McLoughlin is also encouraged as the level of sophistication, particularly in the A/NZ region, is actually quite high.

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