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New Zealand and the 142m Sailing Yacht A and her four custom tenders

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Readers of, will by now be very familiar with the giant German superyacht known as Sailing Yacht A as we have closely followed this bizarre sail-assisted motor yacht during her various construction phases and travels in the Mediterranean.

But just as custom and deserving of a closer look as the mothership herself is Sailing Yacht A’s fleet of custom tenders, each as radical and eccentric as the next. Here, together with local Monegasque photographer, Raphaël Belly, we take a closer look at the four tenders that will be whisking this 142.8-metre superyacht’s guests ashore.

For the execution of the build of these four highly custom craft, Lloyd Stevenson Yachts from New Zealand were selected to realise the vision of Sailing Yacht A’s owner together with the ship’s designer, Philippe Starck. Naval architect Brett Bakewell-White of Bakewell-White Yacht Design in New Zealand joined the project for his naval architecture expertise . . .