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David Bellamy First Heretic of Carbon Cult Inquisition Refused to Recant is Modern Galileo

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Botanist was used as example of fate that awaits Deniers

Dr David Bellamy who has died at the age of 86 was an early practitioner of conservation civil disobedience and who as a populist broadcaster introduced a new technique to natural history presentation and who as pitchman for the carpet industry was able at last to describe why wool was superior as a textile.

The botanist, a simplifier, used buffoonery as a teaching technique and this earned him an immense following throughout the Commonwealth and especially in Australia in New Zealand in which he was to star in numerous television documentaries.

With the advent of climate as a political force Bellamy a scientist whose career began as a laboratory assistant and who had honed his explanatory skills at the chalkface was the obvious populist authority figure to act as advocate for the climate cult to everyday people.

Nobody was more qualified to be a standard bearer than David Bellamy, an authentic scientist with a social reach that had made him a trusted household name throughout the developed world.

Bellamy for example had anticipated extinction rebellion by many years by getting himself arrested in Australia and then threatening to affix himself to monuments in Britain

Bellamy declined to cooperate with the climatists, let alone be their advocate.

He instead outlined the cyclical nature of climate. He pointedly rejected the notion of carbon dioxide as a harmful contributor.

The climatists now used Bellamy as an example of what happens to people who defy them.

Bellamy was banished by the BBC instantly sensitive to the danger that Bellamy as a climate denier was posing to its own role as defender of noble causes.

Independent Television followed. ITV operates under a government licencing system and it too now turned the off switch on the botanist.

Bellamy refused to recant and instead now followed up on his “poppycock” view of warming by revealing the central intent of the movement which he said was to frighten children which of course was eventually what happened.

It was now that Bellamy became entangled with the (Manchester) Guardian which had already established itself as the users manual of the progressives. Once revered, he was now tersely dismissed as the “Bearded Bungler.”

When Bellamy was originally taken up by the BBC it was as an antidote to what was being unfavourably viewed as its own monoculture of posh chaps talking received English.

Bellamy from a working class background talking in an indeterminate and gushing brogue and waving his arms around, pawing the air, was one of the building block of the new diverse look characterised nowadays by the full slate of dialects from regionally “accented,” as they are known, presenters.

Bellamy’s career as a science populariser in fact was well established before the climate movement evolved from political correctness as the university class sought a new unifying doctrine in order to take their guilt transfer mechanism model to a more advanced level and a global one.

Astronomer Galileo under the attentions of the Inquisition refused to reverse his published opinion that the earth revolved around the sun rather than vice versa.

Botanist Dr David Bellamy 400 years later under a contemporary inquisitorial equivalent refused to countenance an imminent climate catastrophe.

Just as Galileo went on to describe how the tides worked, so did Bellamy expand his argument by describing the beneficial value of carbon dioxide.

Galileo said that deities had nothing to with the movements of the universe.

Bellamy said that climate change had everything to do with frightening children.

Galileo’s books were burned.

So were Bellamy’s television contracts.