The MSC NewsWire website is a gathering place for information on the productive sector in New Zealand focusing on Manufacturing, Productive Engineering and Process Manufacturing.

Items and articles are published under various sector categories on the website and these items also distributed via our distribution networks to a national and global audience.

Launched in August 2012 by Max Farndale and based in Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, Max recognised that whilst New Zealand's economy rests very much on its ability to produce products that people need, which in most cases are three dimensional, many manufacturers did not have the resources to get information on what they were producing out to the wider markets.

So to improve this situation, news distribution networks were established including a close working relationship with Washington-based EINPresswire. This association means that New Zealand based manufacturers, no matter how small or large, through MSCNewsWire can promote their products to an extremely large global audience and it is affordable.

Recently MSCNewsWire organised a joint venture between the National Press Club Inc. of New Zealand and EINPresswire. The National Press Club's role is to use its members own resources to identify products and companies of interest. The club's newsmaker category includes industrialists, technicians and administrators in the productive sector and will guarantee a steady flow of information from New Zealand into the large North American market and beyond via MSCNewsWire.

If you are a manufacturer reading this and would like to know how you can become part of a network that will see your business placed in front of a national and global audience then please contact me to learn how easy and affordable it really is.


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