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Service Survey Panel Result---NZ Retail Multiples Commended for Staff Aptitude & Attitude

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Broom to Boardroom Career Path Praised & Recommended for Public Sector Take up .

The MSC Newswire service sector panel again this year highly commended the New Zealand service sector for the way in which it consistently presented a cheerful and helpful approach to customers. The retail sector was singled out for special praise.

Panelists singled out the way in which the grocery and hardware multiples especially infused their staff work with a sense of promotion scope and therefore opportunity.

The multiples were also praised for their staff selection procedures which at the outset and regardless of age or formal qualifications obviously identified two key personal elements---aptitude and attitude.

In the technical category of proficiencies observed the panel included inventory/re-stocking, along with IT and credit and cash-handling skills, and also product knowledge.

Also singled out was what the panel described as a “broom to boardroom” career path, meaning that staff were presented at the start with the opportunity of a through career path starting with everyday chores and culminating at top management.

The multiples were praised for blending their own mix of on-the-job training with targeted tertiary academic study.

The panel considered that the multiples had struck the optimum balance between applied and theoretical induction and training.

In this survey the panel evaluated both New Zealand and foreign-owned multiples.

Also singled out for mention was the way in which the multiples had integrated staff of all ages.

The panel identified employment selection based on age as elsewhere a continuing New Zealand personnel problem.

The panel made special note of the way in which the multiples offered opportunities to mothers returning to the work force.

The survey was empirical and based on impressions gained nationwide.

The panel suggested an official and formal study of the way in which the multiples had successfully solved the problem of blending basic operating technical skills with people skills. Elements could and should be implemented in the public sector, the panel advised.

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