Monday, 16 January 2017 11:41

Usurper President Trump Inaugurated: Monarchical Feudal Family Dynasties Retreat to their Fiefdoms.

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White House-to-White House Pretenders replace Log Cabin -to- White House

With the inauguration of President Donald Trump three still active United States presidential dynasties make their transition into exile.

Temporary exile, as these Pretenders see it.

In Napoleonic terms the monarchical familial trio are by-passing a remote St Helena and heading to a more lightly guarded in-shore Elba from which they can make their escape when the call comes, as they ardently believe it will.

First among these is the Bush dynasty which has already supplied two republican monarchs, George 1 and then George 11. But which failed to install Jeb 1

Second is the Clinton one which bestowed upon the United States a co-monarchy similar to that of the reign in Britain of William and Mary.

But which so agonisingly failed last year to re-install itself with Hillary now in prime regal Pretender position.

Third, and the most promising of the dynasties-in-waiting is the newest one, the Obama line.

The intervention in the final stages of the anti -Trump campaign by Michelle Obama, and the First Lady’s subsequent mainstream participation in the sorrowful aftermath leaves few in doubt that the Obamas are in dynastic mode as far as the presidency is concerned.

These dynasties do not intend to sit out the next four years which they regard anyway as an interregnum or at best, a regency.

They know that if you intend to end up in the White House, it make sense to start at the White House.

Gathering a war chest will not be a problem.

All those court jesters, fire-eaters, tumblers, strolling player, song-and dance contributors (see illustration) at the Obama White House final curtain call party by their mere appearance pledged their allegiance for another round of fund raising.

The log cabin to White House journey has in applied terms now been replaced by one from The White House back to the White House.

The Clintons have devoted their adult lives to campaigning and they have no intention of stopping now.

The kingmakers of the Democratic Party will look though with much greater favour on a Michelle candidacy in 2020 than on a Hillary one.

This will be an action-replay of the way in which they looked so much more favourably on the original candidacy of Barack Obama than they did on Hillary’s in the primaries of all those years ago.

All this is curious enough. But not as mystifying as the American refusal to comprehend the way in which their republic is so demonstrably changing its course back to the era of feudal family inheritance.

For the Tudors, Plantagenets, and Stuarts read now Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas.

Now though post inauguration these feudal families disperse to their separate fiefdoms to rally their forces for the next round.

The Bushes to the South.

The Obamas back to the crucible of Democratic politics Chicago, but keeping visible a shop window residence in Washington.

The Clintons the Liege Lords of New York back to the Big Apple there to polish the fervour of their vassals and villeins.

From these strong holds they will collect their tithes raise their private armies for the next battle, the one to evict the usurper Trump.

For these Pretenders in place of halberdiers, pike men and archers will be the new model armies.

Swearing oaths of fealty as did the yeomen of yore these will be tweeting technicians, trackers, pollsters, fixers......

| From the MSCNewsWire reporters desk  | Monday 16 January 2017  |