Friday, 11 November 2016 08:49

Trump-Brexit Trademarks Identical on both sides of Atlantic

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Why Trump’s Victory Really was Super-Brexit

Donald Trump’s victory has been described as “super Brexit” most notably by the president-elect himself. We now examine some of the similarities and we begin with the decision which can now be seen as a dangerous one for President Obama’s highly visible pro Hillary campaigning. This was all the more curious since it was then known in the United States that UK Premier David Cameron’s similar campaigning for his cause Remain had represented more of a burden than a blessing. President Obama’s campaigning was compounded by the intervention of Mrs Obama who had hitherto been universally admired just because of her public detachment from partisan party politics. Main points of similarity summarised:-

Presidential – Prime Ministerial Pleading & Campaigning
In both Brexit and Trump the leaders of the in-power establishment parties joined in the fray. British Premier David Cameron actively campaigned to remain in the EU. President Obama actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton and in doing so was joined by Mrs Obama. In both causes and in both countries this frenzied campaigning can now be viewed as having the opposite effect of the one intended.

Financial Sector Backed Lost Causes – Remain and Hillary
Hilary Clinton’s campaign and the Remain campaign were both openly backed by the financial sector

Non university voters backed the winners
In both causes in both countries Brexit supporters and Trump supporters were solidly drawn from those who had not attended university

Opinion polls were wrong on both sides of the Atlantic
Polling organisations were continuously wrong in both countries and in both outcomes

Movement leaders both emerged from outside established political parties
Brexit leader Nigel Farage had his own party. Donald Trump had had no previous political experience

Both victorious leaders ignored and talked over mainstream media
In the United States Donald Trump actively expressed his contempt for his media entourage describing members as “the worst people in the world.”

Mainstream media was wrong footed
A characteristic of the mainstream media in both countries and from the outset was an inability to concede that either Donald Trump or Brexit had a chance of success

Project Fear aftermaths on both sides of the Atlantic
Following Brexit the communication organisations responsible for monitoring and then making known shifts in public opinion started a diversionary campaign. This took the form of the generation of an atmosphere of public fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the effects of the events which they had failed to predict. This development is now evident too in the United States following Trump.