Thursday, 11 May 2017 20:25

Counterfeit Spark email Successfully Transits Xtra service---Demands Passwords

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Mass Scam Follows Xtra Security Overhaul

MSC Newswire has taken up with Spark how a counterfeit email seemingly from Spark itself and with the subject line title "Dear Xtra Spark Email User” had been able in fact to make the transit of Spark’s own security-enhanced messaging service.

The issue was taken up with Spark in the morning of Monday May 8. No response had been received by the close of the business day on Thursday May 11.

Astonishingly while MSC Newswire was talking to the Spark official and referring online on their mailbox to this counterfeit email unwanted pop-ups appeared (see screen grab top of this story.)

Here is the email. Note the subject line:--

From: Xtra Spark NZ eCare <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 06 May 2017 at 10:14
Subject: Dear Xtra Spark Email User

Dear Xtra Spark Email User

This message is to all Xtra Spark Email Service Users. This is a notice and update to our valuable customer’s that a malware was recently detected in your account system so we have implement Anti-Malware software removes and virus free. As a result of that our Internet Tech Support is currently re-upgrading and verifying your email system networking center to identify and delete all email accounts registered unduly. This will enable us increase storage capacities for existing users and create more space for registration of new webmail future users.

To finish and fix your email account system service problem as it’s always up to date, and stops viruses before they reach your email account reply with the following details to upgrade and secure your email account for best internet service supply.

Email Address:

User name:


Reconfirm Password:

Zip Code:

Warning! Failure to reply with the above information will rendered your webmail account temporarily suspended by technical service admin.

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The pop up on the user's online Xtra mailbox was peddling a variety of services.We contacted via a given pop-up phone number the service advertised. It was from an organisation calling itself Financial Services Complaints Ltd.

The person answering the phone said that they were called Jan and confirmed that they were in the business of pay-day loans. Jan said the firm was based in Takapuna.

This state of affairs follows Spark’s bringing “home” its Xtra email service which was previously run in association with Yahoo. The association soured when Yahoo was the target of international and well publicised email hacks.

Spark’s core security work was undertaken by a third party specialist security company in New Zealand.

Spark has been hunkered down since its Xtra changeover which has been characterised by individual Xtra users having trouble migrating themselves onto the new all-New Zealand service.

Meanwhile MSC Newswire has questioned one of the spyware scammers making a pest of themselves with New Zealand internet users.

The scam spyware presentation said that it was in a position to rid the internet-user's computer of a variety of incriminating material that was now deposited on the user’s computer.

The telephone number 09 8010 177 was identified and was rung back.

The individual at the other end of the line identified themselves as “Tony” and said that they were based in California, and claimed to be legitimate.

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