Monday, 10 October 2016 10:31

Kim Dotcom stands by to Marry File Transfer and Micro Finance, will solve Block Size hurdle in the process.

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New Zealand’s beleaguered developer ready with major global tech breakthroughs

Kim Dotcom might have faded in New Zealand, his adopted country that wants to evict him. But he is on fire in Europe with his Megaupload2 product which threatens to introduce a startling new tech innovation in the form of the marriage of file and money handling.

His new Megaupload2 product devolves into BNK2TheFuture (banking in the future) and Bitcache which is under the co-development of Englishman Simon Dickson of Bitcoin, writes our European correspondent.
New Zealand’s latest information technology product takes the global IT industry into an entirely new sphere in terms of block size processing. The blocks being the size of the chunk of machine language that can be processed in any given split-second.

Traversing the block size bottleneck will give the new Megaupload2 the ability to process the mass micro finance/ file sharing transactions that gave its Mark 1 version Megaupload five percent of the world file sharing market.

According to Kim Dotcom the unique selling proposition of this new version from the user point of view will be complete security in terms of user identity and of content.

The scheme is to bestow economies of scale on content transactions in the entire news and publishing sphere which according to Mr Dotcom have both suffered from a mechanical inability to simultaneously issue something and then get paid for it.

In Europe Mr Dotcom is known as “Washington’s Most Wanted Pirate.”

He was originally settled in New Zealand, though nobody wants to talk about it, in order to ginger up the entire information technology sector which enjoyed a promising commercial start in the 1970s.

But since then the sector has declined into an import added value one. Or into sectors such as games where New Zealand has taken on a sweat-shop role.

In blending micro finance and file transfer Mr Dotcom, if still a New Zealand resident, will make up a troika of New Zealand international computer pathfinders. The other two being Leslie John Comrie of Papakura who invented the computer bureau and Bill Phillips of Dannevirke who invented computer modelling .

If Mr Dotcom can solve the block size bottleneck his place in volume trading and thus in IT history will be assured.

Meanwhile in the role of a prophet decidedly without fame in his own country, or at least, his ungrateful adopted one, Mr Dotcom may see certain changes in his favour in the New Zealand –United States relationship.

It will be recalled that for reasons that remain unexplained to this day, the original Megaupload server farms were located in the United States.

This gave the FBI the power to pull the plug on the entire Megaupload service. Then launch a campaign to extradite Mr Dotcom to the United States in order to face piracy charges.

What followed was the most picaresque series of judicial events in New Zealand history complete with a bizarre airborne storming of the Dotcom digs in suburban Auckland.

Mr Dotcom says that his new venture will attract the most “brilliant” information technology practitioners, and that he will remain constantly in the background guiding its fortunes.

From the MSCNewsWire reporters' desk - Monday 10 October 2016