Tuesday, 21 February 2017 21:27

JFK launches pet terminal facility

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Air travel for pets can be a complex and difficult process, which is why one of the world’s top airports has rolled out a USD 65 million animal terminal and quarantine facility with round-the-clock service.

The airport is New York City’s John F. Kennedy International, which last week launched the first phase of its round-the-clock pet catering services.

Located in a 16,500-square-metre warehouse, the ARK Pet Oasis aims to streamline air travel for pets and livestock. It also provides concierge-like services, ensures pets have their documents in order and looks after their health – even clips their toenails if that’s what they need.

Staff stand ready to help at ARK Pet Oasis

ARK Pet Oasis says on its website: “Throughout North and South America, pets transported as live animal cargo and excess baggage spend hours pre- and post-flight confined in their transport crates, sitting in a cargo warehouse without food, water or relief.

“ARK Pet Oasis seeks to mitigate both the pet parent’s and the animal’s concern and anxiety. While we cannot change your traveling pet’s experience while in flight aboard the aircraft, studies have shown that the superlative care provided pre- and post flight greatly reduces the stress of travel.”

| A Peter Needham article on e-GlobalTravel  |  February 21, 2017  ||