Saturday, 10 June 2017 14:42

Advisers Managing Theresa May’s Contrary and Issue-Dodging Campaign will be Hung Out to Dry

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They foolishly counseled the sidestepping of domestic issues especially the one of the crazed assassins active on UK streets

 From the MSCNewsWire European Correspondent- Jun 10: Failure to identify priority issues has sunk UK premier Theresa May’s objective of attaining a decisive Parliamentary majority. Chief among them was a startling inability to confront the religious fanatic murders of passers-by in British cities.

This was covered by a wooden de-personalisation spectacular even by English bureaucratic standards.

It was officially delegated to the abstract as “attacks on democracy.”

Unbelievably these assassinations invoked a policy decision by the Conservatives to cut back on the police. No compensating investment for beefing up border or IT surveillance was given. Instead the Conservatives outlined a nebulous campaign to face-down Facebook.

Knowing that its constituency is composed of those of mature years, the Conservatives backed and filled on social spending notably in regard to the housebound infirm thus easily laying themselves open to cries of imposing a dementia tax.

Much the same thing happened to the school age generation where cuts were announced and again without any balancing counter-investments. This cup-half-empty exercise was repeated throughout the campaign, writes our European correspondent.

When these election-losing examples of social spending cuts at the poles of the age spectrum were drawn to the attention of Conservative policy makers, they simply U-turned, leaving their original errors unacknowledged.

It was the most bizarre Conservative Party election campaign in living memory. Mrs May came across as more elite and out of touch than any of the Euro-loving elites so spectacularly swept away in Brexit.

In contrast Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, dismissed just a few weeks before as a looney-lefty, ambled donnishly and amiably around in an everyman manner conveying an impression of informed and sympathetic populism.

Mrs May meanwhile came across as the prissy headmistress of a posh boarding school trying to explain why she felt it necessary to use the cane quite so often.

All might still have been well if most of the votes from the imploding UKIP flowed on their anticipated course which was into the Conservatives.

Instead the UKIP votes flowed into Labour.

Mrs May’s snap general election was designed to give the conservatives a Parliamentary majority of sufficient size to hammer through Brexit without let or hindrance.

Instead quite the opposite happened – a hung Parliament which will be a breeding ground for boondoggling, and compromise.

Mrs May was decisive though over the SNP’s demand for another revolving door referendum on Scotland’s independence She gave a clear cut and unequivocal no with the result that the SNP seats were recovered by the Tories.

Elsewhere the signal was anything but clear.

Whether Mrs May remains or goes as premier now becomes the dangling conversation of Westminster

There is though one certainty.

Pedestrians slaughtered by crazed assassins might be categorised as unit casualties in an “attack on democracy”.

But those who were responsible for the Conservative campaign are due to have their heads displayed on the pikes on the bounds of Westminster.

They will include the obvious and visible candidates.

Also one highly decorated and much fawned over Austro-British back-room eminence who has learned as all showboating gamblers inevitably learn that pride does go before a fall however overdue the fall. .

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