Friday, 07 July 2017 19:00

Disappearing Telephone Fixed Land Lines Mean that National Party & New Zealand First will be automatically favoured in General Election Polls

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Microsoft Scam Artists Have Revealed the Cause of this inevitable bias

 The accelerating reduction of the domestic land line in favour of the exclusive use of mobiles will tend to favour in polling for this year’s general election the political parties that traditionally appeal to the older generation, the demographic which literally holds onto its landlines.

This will favour the National Party and also Winston Peters’ New Zealand First Party.

It will work against the parties that rely on the younger protest or ideological following such as the Greens or the new Gareth Morgan-led Opportunities Party.

This whole phenomenon has only just been identified and it was discovered due to the plague of scam callers from around the world barraging New Zealand households to the effect that their Microsoft-driven computers are a liability and that only the caller, claiming to be an "accredited" Microsoft specialist ,could fix the “problem.”

Nobody could fathom out why these scam artists were and still are laying siege to an older demographic unlikely to be dependent on Microsoft?

It was now that the obvious explanation was realised and it was that the older generation tends to be the one that hangs onto its landlines

It is thus accessible to the international scamsters who rely on scrolling through the Spark (formerly Telecom) white pages.

The incredibly shrinking printed White Pages phone books are further proof of this phenomenon.

It is now a serious issue in polling that the political class, for once, is reticent to talk about.

No wonder. It means that a growing majority of households are excluded from polling.

It means that all flatters, the one group that the parties are determined to target this year, are eliminated from polls.

Since cell-only people tend to be mostly young people, the pollsters intentionally overweight the 18-30 year olds to compensate for this effect, but as more middle aged people also drop their landlines, it is becoming a serious issue.

A baffling element of the fake Microsoft scamsters plague is why the same households, the ones still with their landlines, were targeted time after time in the same confidence trick call, sometimes in the same evening.

The reason was and is that the fraudsters' automated phone diallers are programmed on a household probability to make a defined number of phone calls. Not finding the required pre-programmed quantity of landline numbers , the system then reverses on itself and goes back over its old numbers.

Occam’s Razor holds that in any mystery at all the revealing explanation will always be the obvious one.

The foreign phone scammers have demonstrated the nature of the flaw in the polling for the general election.

It’s an ill wind………

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